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Letter sent to Arsenal by AISA

Further to our previous emails on this subject AISA communicated with our membership and we can now let you have the more specific comments that you requested. Here are examples of the comments that we received:·

Me and my mates are in block 8, row 3. Cannot hear a thing! The half time interviews with legends may as well not happen, as we just can’t simply hear them.

I’m row 1 of block 7 and can never hear anything (presumably because the speakers are mounted on the roof which is behind us and pointed away from the pitch). Perhaps they could add additional speakers on the edge and point them straight down.

Block 10 can't hear the half time presentations!

I've sat in various North Bank Lower seats and could rarely hear the half time stuff from there. West Lower was always fine though.

Not inaudible but quite unclear and tinny in 113. Seems different levels also for the music and talking - music always louder

Block 30, lower tier - very difficult to make out the audio from the announcements and half time interviews

Block 8, row 14, can’t hear the half time interviews

Block 6 Row 19. I can hear the announcements okay but at halftime when the interviews with ex-players are inaudible. Totally blurred.

Where ever I’ve sat from north bank and clock end lower to north bank upper. I can never hear a thing. Everyone I know never bothers with half time presentations

I’m in row 20, I’ve spoken to Nigel Mitchel on here about it, He said it was a known issue and the club was working on it, that was a couple of seasons ago now

I can’t ever hear Nigel during half time interviews, I sit in block 7 north bank

Block 10 row 4 never been able to hear the half time interviews.·

In Block 2 Row 23 we can never hear the special guest at half tiime

       Block 8 row 17, can barely hear a thing.

I personally sit in Block 17, Row 5, seat 515 and confirm that the half-time interviews are very difficult to hear

We note your comment that “the pitch microphone is a different input from Paul Burrell.”

This is clearly a significant issue and it appears that the Club are aware of it. Our responses were mainly from AISA members and so were a sample from around the stadium. However the Club regularly send messages to all members via email (safety request to enter the stadium early etc.) and we would encourage the Club to take the initiative and undertake a full and thorough audit of fans views on this subject as it clearly affects fans match day experience.

We look forward to your response so that I can relay it to the AISA committee and subsequently our members.

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